14/03/2013 Matt Horne

Animated GIFs are Awesome

You can keep your HD videos and your Youtube virals. Sometimes things are best said with an animated gif.

Animated GIF of Colin Greaves being slapped with a fish by Greg Porter

All you need are a few still photos taken in quick succession and you’ve got yourself the basics of slow motion internet comedy gold. Like the picture above.

The lesson I learnt today – A guy getting slapped with a fish is funny, a guy getting slapped with a fish in jerky low resolution images is even funnier.

By the way, no fish were harmed in the making of this gif. It was already killed by an evil fisherman, shipped on ice to a fishmongers and its lifeless body put on display until Colin (the guy getting slapped) bought it. He then got slapped in the face with a dead fish so I guess that’s karma.


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