5 Social Media Predictions for 2015

At the start of the year it's customary for self proclaimed "experts" to give their industry predictions, so here's what I think will happen for social media in 2015.

Five Things You Need to Know About Mean Opinion

Mean Opinion - because the internet needs more opinions. Find out the five things you need to know about this latest show of the YouTubes

Greg Does Roller Derby

When Amazing Radio needed someone to document a presenter's painful practice at roller derby for a viral video, they naturally gave me a call.

New England Patriots – Social Media Fail

When the Patriots ran a simple social media campaign on Twitter to celebrate reaching 1 million followers, it want fantastically wrong in a massively racist way.

Secrets to Organic Reach Part 2

Is your Facebook page's organic reach dropping quicker than a banker's credibility? Here's a quick secret that can help boost your post reach by epic proportions.

How I Can Make Your Internet Awesome?


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