25/02/2015 Matt Horne

Facebook Finally Says Thank You

It would seem after all those horrible “Say thanks to your friends” videos Facebook automatically created for you, they’ve taken a leaf out of their own book. Because this morning I received a sacharine soaked automated thank you message when accessing a page admin panel.

Facebook says thank you for giving us loads of money

But what are they thanking people for? Well like a good child after Christmas, they’re saying thanks for all the money.
Wow, who knew. There was me thinking I was helping to make one little guy from Silicon Valley a billionaire with more money than entire nations when actually I was “moving the entire world forward”! Just imagine how much further I could help the world get if I gave this company more money instead of one of those stupid charities that waste time helping little people get something like clean water or some rice for dinner.

A small gesture that totally makes up for having to put up with their ridiculous “20% text rule”, constant news feed algorithm changes and the bizarre changing of ad types. On second thoughts, I’ve got just two words to say to Zucks.

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