Who is Matt Horne?

It’s a question often asked by many but answered by few. Is he an English actor from the lottery funded tax write off Lesbian Vampire Killers? Yes. Is he a New Zealand cricket player? Yes. Are they anything to do with the person this website is about? No.

The Matt Horne in the question above is a broadcaster, digital content creator and according to his Twitter profile “a teller of crap jokes”.

He works mainly in the world of social media, creating content for brands and showing people how to make the most out of their online presence.

There’s plenty of storage on this website, so this page could have loads of words about what Matt does and who he’s helped get the most of their internet but there is an easier way. If you’re still not sure what Matt Horne does, take a look a round¬†then get in touch and ask him anything.


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