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Tenuous pug link - the furby is a motion graphic video and the pug is your attention. It can't get enough of that shit

Tenuous pug link – the furby is a motion graphic video and the pug is your attention. It can’t get enough of that shit

As part of my work with Newcastle University I was tasked with promoting a live webinar about the university application process aimed at 17-19 year olds. Not exactly the most exciting topic that’s for sure, but I’m always up for a challenge.

To make the information stand out and to reach as much of the target audience as possible, I decided to create a motion graphics trailer. This was for two reasons:

  1. Video is fast becoming the most engaging medium on social media, especially for Facebook which automatically plays videos in a user’s timeline and offers a dedicated video advert type
  2. Motion graphics just look nice. By using pretty colours and whizzy moving objects, they can make the most basic information pop out of the screen and grab the attention of who ever is looking

So I cranked up After Effects and pumped out a 15 second trailer designed to grab your eyeballs’ focus and implant key information right in to your brain.

What does that look like in reality? Well a little something like this:

The video has been used for organic posts on Facebook and Twitter as well as promoted video posts on Facebook.

The results

Well thanks to Facebook’s autoplay feature it had nearly 3,000 views through one post.

However, it’s not just about plays. Did it bring anybody to the actual webinar? Well yes, naturally.

As part of the advertising campaign for the Webinar, it was the most successful post on Facebook with over 1,500 engagements. The campaign brought in over 200 live viewers on the day, including a peak audience of 53 people at one point. Which smashed all previous records for webinars at the university.

Want some for yourself?

If you’d like some fancy pants motion graphics creating for your next campaign. Get in touch and lets talk through your options.


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