How To Target Twitter Ads At Specific Ages

When Twitter first launched their self service advertising platform in 2013 it was a pretty basic offering, especially when it came to audience targeting. Since then they’ve been playing a game of catch up with Facebook’s all powerful ad platform, bolting on new features to make it a bit more flexible.

The last major update was their website tracking pixel, which just like Facebook’s, lets you create custom audiences from your website’s traffic. But now they’re testing something to really boost their targeting appeal. The ability to target a user by their age.

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Age targeting on Twitter

Twitter's advertising campaign set up dashboard including age targeting

Check out those age brackets – meow

As you can see from the screen shot, it’s a pretty simple setting to get your campaign targeted at a certain age group. However, unlike Facebook where you can get granular with your age range, Twitter restricts what ages you can target. You can select multiple options though, which makes it a bit flexible.

This feature isn’t currently available to all users, and is still in testing. But apparently will be rolled out to users soon.

How Twitter targets their ads at ages

Now that’s the big question I asked my contact at Twitter. Since Twitter has only recently started asking people to complete their date of birth (or as they’ve put it “Tell us your birthday” to sound more friendly) how accurate can this targeting be?

Apparently, behind the scenes the age targeting on Twitter ads isn’t just based on a user’s date of birth. It also uses an algorithm to determine a user’s age based on what they tweet about, the accounts they follow and the websites they visit.

Using this technique my contact claimed Twitter’s age targeting was accurate to within 18 months. Not a fantastic accolade since that would mean the 13-17 age range could technically include users aged 11 and 19. But it’s a start.

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